1. Login to the Track Anything system (via This     will take you to the 'main page' of the Track Anything system.

2. Add Users to your system: Create a 'user profile' for everyone who is to     report activities against the items you want to track. Do this by selecting     'Admin' and 'User' functions from the main page. Each user gets a user     name and a password, which they can change if they wish. (Note: If you     are a '30 Day Trial User', you can create only a maximum of ten (10)     users in the system).

3. Create Projects: 'Projects' stand for the grouping of a specific entity you     want to track -- Customer Orders, Problem Reports, Sales Leads etc.     You can create various projects by selecting 'Project' from the main     page, and 'Add' from the 'Projects' page. (For '30 day Trial Users', only     one (1) project is allowed).

4.  Assign Users to Projects: Once you have defined a project, you should     add users who are to work in the project. Do this by selecting 'Admin',     and 'Project User' functions from the main page, and the selecting 'Add'     function from the 'Project Users' page.

5. Define Tasks for a Project: Next step is to define various 'Tasks' under     each Project. You can name the tasks any way you choose to help your     tracking. For example, under the 'Customer Orders' project, each task     may a customer order number. You can specify the priority of the task,     and the User who should be notified of the assignment of this task. You     also have the option of specifying the percentage of the total project this     task represents. (Note: If you are '30 day Trial User', you can create only     a maximum of five (5) Tasks.)

6. Report Activities: User report various activities against the tasks     assigned     to them, by selecting Tasks from the main page, and then     selecting the     specific task from the Tasks page. Log your report by     selecting the     'Report Activity' function from the Task screen. User can     report the     activity with a text description, effort (time spent), % of task     completed     etc. Also, one can notify other users of the project, via      e- mail, the activity     reported.

7. Reports: You can get various reports of the overall status of various     Projects, Tasks, and Activities (with effort) by selecting 'Reports' and     'Billable Hours' from the Main Page. Note that these reports can be     created on a project, task, and user basis.

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